Scientific partners

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Several research laboratories are working on bees and the problems associated with their well-being. As an illustration, you will find on our blog an account of the Journée Scientifique Apicole 2010 (Scientific Beekeeping Day). Among the various programs currently underway, we have selected the ones that seem most promising.

Bee my Friend has so far collaborated with two significant studies carried out by the research laboratories of major institutions.


Oniris (formerly the National Veterinary School of Nantes) is leading a research project called “Abeille Sentinelle” (Bee Sentinel) which collects and analyzes a wide range of eco-toxicological data on bees and their foraging territory. Oniris also provides training for vets who are specialists in beekeeping.


The National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) carries out many research studies dealing with bees and pollinating insects. Bee my Friend supports the work of the Hymenoptera service, run by Claire Villemant, on the development of selective bait that could be used to trap the Asian hornet, Vespa velutina.

We are open to other partnerships. Our aim is to help laboratories involved in apiculture to raise the funds needed to carry out their work from companies and individuals.

We plan to support other research programs that are relevant to beekeeping. A strong coherence between grass-roots experience and laboratory practices, as well as a good flow of information between researchers and beekeepers, appear to be the fundamental conditions for success.