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The problem bees face is ignorance

Specifically, ignorance about the depletion of bee colonies. Everyone is looking for the reason, everyone is observing and gathering data, but no one knows for sure the cause of these dramatic losses.

This was the starting point of Bee my Friend. To combat this ignorance, we decided to act in a bid to increase knowledge about bees; to act in favor of apiculture research; to act to encourage researchers and beekeepers to collaborate so that bees continue their vital role in feeding the planet.

Bee my Friend has established contacts with research teams working on bees and apiculture.

Three major themes

> The biology of the bee: Adaptation to environmental conditions, reactions to health and environmental stresses. The reduction in the lifespan of queens and the fragility of bees when they over-winter are two problems that have recently appeared, and which are causing concern.

> Bee diseases: Identification and treatment.

> Bees, pollination and biodiversity: Studying the impact of the fall in populations of pollinating insects on biodiversity; the identification of areas with honey-producing potential and areas where natural pollination is insufficient.