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Bee my Friend has entered into two collaborations with research laboratories on specific beekeeping programs.

Oniris and “Abeille Sentinelle”

Oniris (formerly the National Veterinary School in Nantes) is carrying out a research project called “Abeille Sentinelle” which gathers and analyzes a wide range of eco-toxicological data on bees and their foraging territory. This project is headed by Monique L’Hostis. Bee my Friend played a key role in drawing up a sponsorship agreement between the Pullman hotel chain and Oniris. The finance raised through this will allow the ambitious research project to be completed, and the first results are expected in the fall of 2010. You will find additional information on our blog in the article about the Journée Scientifique Apicole organized by Oniris and the FNOSAD.

MNHN and trapping the Asian hornet

Bee my Friend supports the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) in its quest to develop a selective bait that could be used to trap the Asian hornet, Vespa velutina. Since 2004, this predator for bees has been spreading across France unchecked (for more information, click here). This work is being carried out by the Museum’s Hymenoptera service headed by Claire Villemant.