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A first step in the protection of bees and the preservation of their environment is to set up apiaries with the following aims:

  • Maintaining the bee population and the preservation of various strains
  • Pollinating wild areas and maintaining plant biodiversity
  • Making a sample of hives available to researchers allowing a comparative analysis of colony behavior.

BmyF apiaries are set up and run by professional beekeepers with whom we sign a partnership agreement. This way, we can be sure the hives will be maintained in the best possible state so they can fulfill their mission.

These sponsored hives are first and foremost beekeeping installations and not research facilities. There’s no question of stressing these colonies beyond the normal conditions of beekeeping for honey production.

An apiary comprises between 20 and 40 hives. It is regularly visited by the beekeeper in charge.

Participate in the establishment of a Bee my Friend apiary.

Why not participate in this major initiative in support bees and knowledge about them? Sponsor a Bee my Friend hive. And if you are a professional beekeeper and you would like to participate by hosting a Bee my Friend apiary, please get in contact with us and join the list of our professional partners.