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BmF and bees have two essential advantages:

  • bees have an exceptional capacity to bounce back, and despite highly unfavorable conditions, beekeepers have managed through renewed efforts to produce queens and maintain populations.
  • the beekeeping sector, albeit weakened and demotivated by the current difficulties, is nonetheless profitable. As such, it has the potential to create rural employment, especially since France and Europe in general are net importers of honey.

The practice of beekeeping goes back to the dawn of time. Today, this activity exists everywhere from Cape Verde to Vladivostok, from Alaska to Tierra del Feugo, not forgetting Australia. This demonstrates that bees and beekeeping can adapt to a very wide range of conditions, as long as they are relatively stable and free from epidemics.

But this optimistic vision should not mask the changes in the job of beekeeping. It is estimated today that to make up for the loss in stock, beekeepers must devote 30 percent of their time to renewal of colonies, whereas this part of the job only occupied 10 percent of their time two decades ago. The impact on productivity and profitability is considerable.