Acting with BmyF

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What do you do once you’ve read an alarmist article on the perilous state of bee populations? How does it leave you feeling? Sad, powerless, frustrated, resigned, or maybe just indifferent?

With Bee my Friend, all that can change. We can all make a stand and our everyday actions can be conscientious, responsible and proactive.

Eat more honey!

It’s good for you and good for the bees!

The first way you can support beekeeping is to use honey and other hive products.

But how does one choose between the various honeys on sale? We recommend choosing honey that has been extracted and bottled by the beekeeper. Try single-flower honeys but don’t overlook mixed source honey. Look around your local area and you will probably be surprised by the quality on offer.

In general, honey has a greatly superior sweetening effect than industrial sugar. In other words, as well as being an exemplary natural product, honey offers more flavor for fewer calories. Honey can form the basis of elegant and refined cuisine, so have fun discovering it.

Eat honey and thank the bees… support Bee my Friend.

Join Bee my Friend!

You can:

  • Become a member of Bee my Friend
  • Sponsor one or more hives
  • Support one of our research program with an allocated donation
  • Support Bee my Friend through a donation

Those actions are described below.

The minimum contribution is set at €20.

That said, and taking into account;

  1. the distribution of wealth according to age, and
  2. the share of responsibility of each of us in the fragile state of our environment,

we think that your contribution should be equivalent to your age expressed in euros.

In order to join my Friend you can either (i) download a membership form and send it by mail, or (ii) directly subscribe through our secured online payment system.

To support our actions you can make a donation. You can specify tje amounts you allocate to any of the following actions on the membership form and on the online donation system.

If you are a beekeeping professional:

  • Become one of our hosts of for conservation and observation hives
  • Share your observations; we will make every effort to publish them on our web-site


Sponsor a hive

We also suggest that you that you take a further step towards the preservation of bees through a symbolic, personalized gesture: Sponsor a BmyF hive. The sponsorship principle is simple: for a single payment of €100, you will be assigned an adopted hive, hosted in one of Bee my Friend’s apiaries and tended by a professional beekeeper.

Bee my Friend undertakes to ensure that the hive is kept in healthy activity for a period of two years.

You will thus contribute to maintaining bee populations, you will participate in pollination of wild spaces and you will be contributing to maintaining biodiversity.

We provide details of the beekeeper hosting your adopted hive, and you are encouraged to visit.

Support our research programs

You can also make a specific donation to a research program of your choice.

Support Bee my Friend

Bee my Friend’s sole source of income is donations from members and its various partners. By supporting our action through a donation, you will be helping in the running and promotion of your association.

Tell a friend about Bee my Friend

Bee my Friend is a collective non-profit-making organization, and its success depends on individuals’ efforts to spread its message and to promote its activities. We strive to ensure that action to support bees is simple, and that action to support Bee my Friend is even simpler. Participate yourself and encourage friends and family to participate in this great collective adventure. Internet is a wonderful tool for sharing knowledge, and so is word-of-mouth; so please, use both to spread the word.

Become a partner of Bee my Friend by hosting a Bee my Friend apiary

We are continually developing partnerships with professional beekeepers and offer them the opportunity to host a Bee my Friend apiary comprising between 20 and 40 hives located in wild areas that they will then help pollinate.

Join the group of professional beekeepers who are already taking part in this major initiative to support bees.

To become a partner of Bee my Friend, simply contact us with your contact details and a description of your current beekeeping operation. We will arrange a visit and together we will define the terms of our partnership to the benefit of both parties.

Share your observations in the field

Whether you have two or 2,000 hives, take part in our information-gathering process by sending us up-dates on significant developments in your bee population. Let us know about any unexpected losses, together with the beekeeping conditions and any local environmental factors that may have played a role in the loss. Our blog is at your service.