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Researchers or naturalists, agronomists or veterinarians, ecologists or economists, professional or amateur beekeepers, city or country dwellers, donors or observers, directors of multinationals or farmers, students or experienced professionals, working or retired… what we all have in common is a love of nature, and the desire for a modern world reconciled with a preserved natural environment.

Together we have chosen to take on (i) the agronomic and ecological challenge of preservation of bees and other pollinators, and (ii) an enigma which is at once intriguing and worrying – colony collapse disorder.

Bee my Friend brings together, co-ordinates and initiates actions through this diversified network.

Who is Bee my Friend?

It’s you! Open to everyone who wants to defend its cause, Bee my Friend is made up of individual members who do not represent any particular institution, company, professional guild, religion or political party. Each member brings their original contribution to this collective endeavor according to its fundamental principles.