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Contact us

You can contact us by e-mail at the address below.

Bee my Friend
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Some useful links

We have listed some links to web-sites that may provide you with useful information about bees and their environment. Please feel free to add to this list by recommending links to other articles or sites.

Bee Pathology

  • – A French-language blog by veterinarians concerned with apiculture. Provides comprehensive coverage of bee diseases and pests and their treatment.

Research Organizations

  • MNHN – France’s Natural History Museum
  • INRA – French National Institute of Agronomic Research
  • ARS – Agricultural Research Service (USA)

Some Beekeeping Institutions

  • ANERCEA: France’s National Association of Queen Breeders and Beekeeping Centers
  • CNDA: France’s National Centre for the Apiculture Development
  • Galerie Apicole: an inventory of beekeeping web-sites
  • Association of royal jelly producers

Beekeeping Unions

The following links are for the three main beekeeping associations in France. Their aim is to represent professional and in some cases amateur beekeepers. Their stance on certain issues may at times seem a little extreme, but is not without reason. Although Bee my Friend does not always share the same approach as these organizations, we envision working with them on certain actions that are coherent with our objectives and principles.

  • SMPF: Syndicate of French Honey Producers
  • SNA – Abeille de France: National Beekeeping Syndicate and its magazine
  • UNAF: French National Beekeeping Union.

The Other Side of the Argument

Although we may not agree with the views expressed, it is important to be aware of the points of view of other players in the debate on agriculture and the environment in relation to bees.

  • Agriculture et environnement: A French magazine covering agricultural issues such as the use of pesticides, organic cultivation and GM crops.
  • UIPP – Union of Industries for the Protection of Plants, which represents a group of pesticide producers, with whom we believe it is essential to maintain a dialogue in the interests of bees.

Bee Biology

Wikipedia: Apis mellifera : Despite the reservations of some, it’s tempting to hand over to Wikipedia the job of providing you with the basic information on bees and their biology. It’s also a challenge for those who know the subject well to improve the article on bees in this collaborative encyclopedia.