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Our group is set up as a non-profit charity under the terms of the French law of 1901.

From a statutory point of view, the object of Bee my Friend is the protection of bees and other pollinating insects, the preservation of their environment and the promotion of beekeeping. This object notably includes:

  • The preservation, protection and development of bee populations and other pollinating insects. The study, protection and improvement of the environment in which they live.
  • The installation and management of hives destined for education, training and research. The development and sharing of knowledge in apiculture.
  • The promotion and development of responsible beekeeping integrated in modern society: BMF encourages the various parties involved to adopt responsible practices that respect the environment.

Given that in the field of beekeeping – as in the areas of the environment and of sustainable development – it is particularly difficult to define absolute rules or laws, the association rejects a dogmatic approach, preferring recommendations. We are guided by the principle of precaution, prudence and responsibility, whilst encouraging and promoting enterprise and initiative.